Sporting Events & Concerts

  • On game day, let Mint Life Limousine Service take care of you and your guests from start to finish. Our Sports package includes limo transportation to and from the Stadium or Arena, VIP parking pass, GRATUITY, taxes and of course, plenty of refreshments. ALL at reduced package prices. We make getting to the game or concert and home easy for you.

    Get to Your Special Event with an Atlanta Limo

    Riding in a limousine is a nice occasions for anyone and you can treat yourself to luxury transportation for any special event. We cater to clients who are attending any type of event. Be it a party, concert, or football game Mint Life offers you a way to arrive to your destination in style. When it comes to larger events where many people will be in attendance you will probably find it nearly impossible to find parking. When you do eventually find available parking it will most likely be very expensive and extremely far away from the door. You will most defiantly be wondering what the point of even driving your own car was when you have to walk two miles and pay fifty dollars to leave your car in a questionable parking lot downtown. Concert goers and sporting event attendees often find themselves in dangerous situations because they have to walk through unknown areas late at night by themselves after then event has ended. Don�t let a stressful parking situation ruin your good time arrange for a Mint Life limousine to pick you up at home and drop you off as close to the entrance as possible at the event you are attending.

    There are some occasions when arriving in a fancy limousine is the only way to make your entrance. Many people choose to rent a luxury vehicle with a driver to take them to high end events such as fundraisers, galas, and award ceremonies. At events such as these it is an important part of the night when the driver opens the door and you step out of limo dressed in your finest clothing. Arriving in a vehicle of luxury is part of the image, people rent them for the same reason they wear makeup and do their hair so they look their best in front of the other guests. Renting a limo is just as much a part of the preparation for the event as picking out the right pair of shoes to go with your dress, or picking up your tux for the evening. Don�t forget to book in advance because many people will be renting a limo that are attending the same event and you want to make sure you have the vehicle of your choice available to you for the evening.