Corporate & Group Travel

  • Event planners trust Mint Life Limousine�s team because we offer a high return on your group travel dollar while ensuring a safe, secure and pleasant trip for your passengers. With Mint Life Limousine�s fleet of sedans, stretch limousines, buses and executive vans, we have the resources to accommodate large groups for private and corporate events.

    Atlanta Limo Business Travel with Mint Life

    Mint Life services offer the busy professional a way to travel in leisure. With your hectic work schedule and traveling, why should you have to worry about driving from place to place when you can leave that stress up to someone else? Our top of the line personal transportation services will keep you from having to worry about driving when you have many other things you need to do instead. Maybe your time in between flights and meetings is the only time you get to yourself, and relaxing during your drive is the ultimate in multi-tasking.

    Local Limo Drivers Know the Roads

    If you are not familiar with the metro area and city of Atlanta it can be a nightmare to try and find your way. Even the locals sometimes have trouble navigating the city roads, especially when there are special traffic circumstances. It is not unusual for construction zones to block or slow down traffic on local roads and interstates in the area. The trained drivers employed through Mint Life know where the best detours are and are always prepared with alternate routes in mind in the event of unforeseen traffic congestion.

    Drivers Will Drop You Off and Pick You Up

    The city of Atlanta, just like most metropolitan areas, is notorious for parking issues. Local businesses have extremely limited designated parking space for their customers, and will not hesitate to tow a car parked by someone who is not a patron of their establishment. The parking lots that do allow people to park and leave their vehicle unattended can be very expensive and sometimes untrustworthy. With limo service through Mint Life you will not have to leave your car in unsecured zones or areas where it will likely be towed. There is no need to stress about the limited parking space in the city when you arrive in a limousine. The driver will take you where you need to go and drop you off right at the door.