Executive SUV's

  • Our Luxury SUV is one of the most comfortable ways to travel in Atlanta. With seating up to 6 passengers and large luggage space, this suv is great for your corporate travel or evenings out. The rear seat console is equipped with climate controls, powerful reading lamps, and three power points to enable you to conduct business and remain productive while traveling. Chilled bottles of water provided.

    Mint Life Atlanta Limo Rental Offers Executive SUV's

    Our executive SUV service offers a unique option for your transportation needs. This vehicle is very popular amongst celebrities and the VIP crowd. It is the perfect way to get around in style, and also do a little business during your travels. Enjoy having the power over the climate controls and reading lamps from the backseat so you can make the cabin the perfect environment for you. The number one top professionals know that there is no time to waste when it comes to getting work done, and these executive SUV make that completely possible. Not only are they roomy enough to transport the equipment you need to work on the go, they also seat six passengers and have a large cargo area for your luggage. You can even host entire office meetings while moving. This is great way to catch up with assignments on the way to an office luncheon or brief a client about meetings while you are in route to the conference room. Musicians and performers travel in similar vehicles because they can meet with their managers on the way to their venue, or have a band meeting while traveling to the arena.

    There is no need to limit this luxury vehicle to use of business, an executive SUV can be just as must fun as a limo. They can be used for professional reasons or use them for your night out. Club goes love pulling up to the front of the party in one of these stylish vehicles. Parents enjoy renting this vehicle for their teenagers to go out in groups because they know they will be safe. They also like the fact that one of Mint Life�s professionally trained drivers will be responsible for their kids instead of another teen driver who may not act as responsibly as they should. This is a great option to send your teenager and a group of their friends out to a concert or theme park for a day. You can trust that a highly experienced Mint Life driver can handle the type of traffic and sometimes dangerous driving situations associated with events that attract large crowds.