Executive Sedans

  • Mint Life Limo offers luxurious executive sedans and town cars to transport our clients in luxury. If you need an executive sedan or town car service, please give us a call. These vehicles are mainly used for airport transportation; however, they are used for other types of transportation as well. We offer luxurious, plush leather seating, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. These luxury vehicles are made for a smooth ride no matter what the destination.

    Atlanta Executive Sedan Rental through Mint Life

    Choose from one of Mint Life�s executive sedan packages to make your trip relaxing and luxurious. Mint Life is a company that takes pride in our large fleet selection and high quality standard for our vehicles. Our rental services for this class of vehicle include your choice between executive sedans as well as town cars. You can pick which car you would like based on your preference and Mint Life will make sure your ride is stress free and enjoyable. One of Mint Life�s highly trained drivers will pick you up wherever you want and take you wherever you need to go. They will ensure that you arrive at your destination on time and drop you off as close to the entrance as possible so you will not have to concern yourself with finding a parking space and walking from far away parking garages and lots.

    Enjoy the ride to wherever you are going with an executive sedan or town car service through Mint Life. These vehicles typically seat up to four passengers and can also accommodate as little as one guest. The plush leather seats of our luxury vehicles are made for comfort so you can sit back and enjoy the ride while a professional driver navigates through the sometimes hectic traffic. Our driver is courteous and highly trained to handle any and all driving situations. They are also experts on the local roads so they can find the best detours that will help to save you from having delays because of traffic jams. Most of our clients that are looking to rent an executive sedan or town car are looking to rent a vehicle to drop them off at the airport. Other people use these vehicles to take them to business meetings; especially those who are only visitors to the city. Even though these are commonly used only for short trips, they can be rented for more extended services, and we also have a full line of limos at your service if you need a car that will accommodate more passengers. We will also do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have for non-alcoholic beverages or snacks.